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“When a flower does not bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” – Alexander Den Heijer

At moringa we believe; every child has something unique and thus, our education system should be such that it focuses more on learning than the results. We want our children to have the power to take charge of their learning which will enable them to learn in any education system.


To transform the mainstream education to a system which is child centered and focused on well being


By providing children with skills where they take charge of their own learning irrespective of the education system they are in. 


moringa in today’s climate crisis is a key resource to transform the nutrients of other plants. We believe our children and youth are just like moringa who are the key to create a transformation in education.

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moringa’s co-founder on Alternative Education

Read about our co-founder Meghana Raveendra’s thoughts on Alternative Education. – Press conference for Spread the Spice event held on 4th October 2019