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Meghana Raveendra (Mumbai, India)

Born and raised in Pune, I always hated going to school as I did not fit into the Indian educational system. As a student, I found it difficult to memorize answers from the textbook, often choosing to write descriptive answers in my own words. I was especially scared by examinations, during which I was subject to much competition and pressure from my surroundings to do well. As a result, I developed anxiety issues that continue to impact my mental health as an adult. At university, I realized that mainstream education was not the answer for my learning needs and thus, quit college. 


Over last 11 years I learnt a lot more through experiences by working with children, volunteering, working with non-profits. Which led me to co-found moringa, an organisation that aims to transform the current mainstream education into a system that is more child centred and focused on well being. 

Amreeta Kunwar (Auckland, New Zealand)

I love children. After a rigorous 15 year stint in corporate sector, in 2012 I decided this was not what I wanted to do. I wanted to work with children. I took a chance with a sabbatical and joined Teach for India as a fellow.

Post that, there was no looking back. I founded a start up in 2015 called Neev to focus on coaching for children and their parents. It was then I realised that there was a pressing need for parents to give their children a suitable learning environment. I decided to study further on how sports can be a mechanism to life coach children and thats how my journey in New Zealand started.

My journey through these various experiences led me to co-found moringa last year.