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The Miracle Tree

“When a flower does not bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” – Alexander Den Heijer

But we wondered what if the flower dies?

Our aim is to address the challenges faced by children who cannot cope up with mainstream education and thus, become anxious / stressed / pressurised which may lead to depression, school dropouts, suicidal thoughts and breakdowns. They need a platform to express themselves, to understand what are their fears? why do they have them? How can they help themselves? Enjoy every learning opportunity without any kind of fear, transform fear into a celebration of learnings.

This project is implemented by using story-telling and theatre . We believe ARTS is a powerful medium to make children comfortable and create a safe space for them to open up. There are four main elements to this project:

Knowing your Roots

Where children learn to identify their fears through story telling

Building your Trunk

Where children share their fears with one another through small and large group discussions

Nourishing your Leaves

Where children explore their abilities by conceptualizing a musical using theatre, music, dance and creative art

Celebrating your Fruits

where children after performing the musical, reflect on their journey, their learnings, the joy and sorrows. Children will also decide here how they plan to find joy in their journey ahead whenever they face fears in the future

The Miracle Tree project was launched in December 2019 at an Adventure Camp for blind and sighted children, conducted by kanthari – an institute for social change

The aim of this camp was to get blind and sighted children to interact through adventurous activities, dance, drama, sports and other daily activities.

Through our project, children used story-telling and theatre to build a musical, which they performed on the last day of the camp.

Watch the video to check how they did this!

We would like to thank kanthari for giving us this opportunity to bring a small change.

We would also like to thank organisations Blind Rocks! Aaranya and  Planet Rakshak for their support in executing this project.

Are you a school? Learning space?

Connect with us here if you would like to get ‘The Miracle Tree’ to your children

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