“It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.” – Doe Zantamata

It is almost 6 months into the lockdown and India currently has 1.5 million cases of corona virus. Inter and Intra State travel is restricted. Offices are working with 10% staff and educational institutions are likely to resume by September 2020.

Our projects were supposed to begin in June 2020 as the lockdown was expected to end by 31stMay. But, the lockdown is now being extended and is likely to continue to 31stAugust. We definitely cannot resume our planned projects at the moment, as Doe Zantamata says, these dark hours for us are a path to discover new strengths.

Activities in this quarter

  1. In the last few months I have been writing blogs on anxiety and education to bring people to notice the issues around us. You can check them out here
  2. We have launched a survey to understand how people feel about the current education system. Till now we have received 25 responses on the survey and based on this we plan to conduct webinars to address issues raised. Along with surveys, we are also planning focused group discussions with parents, teachers, young adults between 15-18 years of age where they can brainstorm ideas on what they change in their own capacity. You can find the details of this project here –1st Blog May 2020   2nd Blog July 2020 

Planned activities for the next quarter

  1. We plan to conduct a webinar series on Education during and post pandemic. This series will comprise of 10 topics either conducted weekly or once in two weeks with sessions from parents, educators, young adults. These webinars are focused more on being a platform to initiate conversations and come up with ideas to address the current challenges we see in our own capacity, than proposing a one size fits all solution
  2. We are also working on collaborating with non-profits and learning centers working in education to plan projects where we could support them

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