Pilot of Miracle Tree Project

The Miracle Tree project was launched in December 2019 at an Adventure Camp for blind and sighted children, conducted by kanthari – an institute for social change

The aim of this camp was to get blind and sighted children to interact through adventurous activities, dance, drama, sports and other daily activities.

Through this project, children used story-telling and theatre to build a musical, which they performed on the last day of the camp.

I would like to thank kanthari for giving moringa this opportunity to bring a small change.

I would also like to thank organisations Blind Rocks! Aaranya and  Planet Rakshak for their support in executing this project.

This camp was one of kind experience for moringa. There were about 22 participants – 14 blind children and 8 sighted children / youth between the age of 9 to 18 years.

The main aim of this camp was to get Blind and sighted children / youth interact through adventurous activities, dance, drama and daily living skills. The camp was transformative as the participants gained independence, learnt team work, sharpened their english communication skills. The workshop was done in English and translated in Malayalam by kanthari catalysts.

As a facilitator I had a very unique challenge in front of me. The story telling and theatre sessions had to be designed in such a manner that they were blindness friendly. 

All my skills were put to test, as I had to ensure my instructions were inclusive, I pair children in such a way that are able to learn from each other and at the same time support each other, use sounds and imagination exercises a lot more than visual aids.

This experience as the first workshop was a great learning which has helped moringa in ensuring this project is flexible to suit a diverse group of children and youth.

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