About Us

The miracle tree of Education

moringa was co-founded in December 2019. It is currently under the process of being registered as a Non-Profit under Section.8 of Companies Act, 2013.

Due to Covid-19, this process may take longer than expected.

Why moringa?

moringa, also know as “the miracle tree” in the current climate crisis is helping communities across the world to take control of their nutrition.

We believe, moringa symbolises this power for transformation. And in the current education crisis will be a catalyst for change for communities to take control of their LEARNING

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows - Sydney. J. Harris

moringa colours

Dark Orange (Brown tone)

This colour symbolises the earth, roots and the trunk of the tree. The ones which provide the power to stand strong.


This colour symbolises the flowers and the fruits of the tree. Ever so joyful.

Boston Blue

This colour symbolises the water. A catalyst to in bringing up the tree, full of life

Pesto Green

This colour symbolises the leaves of the tree. The leaves give the tree the space to try out different abilities